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Help for Families of Hospice Patients

The training you receive from Agrace will help you keep your loved one more comfortable at home while they are in hospice care. The information below will help, too. Click or tap sections on the green menu above to jump to caregiving topics that interest you.

Call Agrace at (800) 553-4289 for advice any time of day or night if:

  • pain or other symptoms are getting worse,
  • a change worries you, or
  • you need medication changes or refills before your next scheduled hospice team visit.

If you need help urgently, please call. Otherwise, send us your non-urgent questions here:

Online Contact Form


Comfort & Care

Here’s what you can do for a hospice patient who needs help with common symptoms. Click to learn more about any symptom that applies to you or your loved one. 



How do I give medications to a hospice patient? Click the “+” to see details about each topic.


Everyday Care

How do I help a hospice patient with everyday care needs? Check the patient and caregiver tips below, and ask your Agrace care team if you would like more training on any of these topics.

Click the arrows to scroll left or right and see more topics.


As Death Approaches

Here are signs you may see in a person’s last days or hours. Click the “+” for details about each topic. We also offer this information printable in EnglishSpanish and Hmong.


Caregiver Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions family caregivers ask Agrace most often. Click the “+” for the answers.


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To compliment a staff member, please email Agrace’s Patient and Family Relations Team.

Call to talk to an interpreter / Tenemos intérpretes disponibles: (800) 930-2770