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Pain is Personal

To be in pain means to hurt or suffer. Your pain may be something you feel in your body, such as aches, tightness or muscle cramps, or a feeling related to your emotions, your spirit or your mind. In any case, the way pain feels is unique to the person with pain.


Understanding your pain

It is important for you to report pain to your health care provider or hospice team. Understanding your level of pain helps them know what treatments to try and whether the treatments you have tried are working for you.

Click the arrow to scroll through the questions your doctor or hospice team may ask you about pain. 


What can help prevent or relieve pain?

There are many ways to manage your pain. If you are receiving palliative or hospice care from Agrace, we will assess your pain during each visit. We try to find the reason for the pain and work with you to develop a plan to help you get pain relief. Click the “+” to learn more. 


When to tell Agrace about pain

If you are an Agrace Hospice Care patient, talk to your Agrace care team anytime you have concerns about pain, medications, side effects or other treatments for pain. You can call us any time of day or night if you are uncomfortable and need relief urgently.


Hospice Caregiver Support

If you need help urgently for an Agrace Hospice Care patient, please call. Otherwise, email us directly at caregiversupport@agrace.org, or send your questions through our online contact form.

Call (800) 553-4289

Call to talk to an interpreter / Tenemos intérpretes disponibles: (800) 930-2770


More Care Tips for Families

For more expert advice from Agrace, visit Agrace.org/CareTips.