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grief-support-kids-with-balloonsA grief support group is a gathering where you can talk about thoughts and feelings and learn healthy ways to cope after someone has died. You’ll get emotional support from the group leader and from the other participants, who have had a similar loss. Most groups meet once a week for a set number of weeks.

  • Agrace suggests you wait at least two months after the death before joining a group, except the Bridges group for adults.
  • If you need help deciding which group would be best for you, please call Agrace and talk with a spiritual & grief counselor, or use this form to contact us.
  • There is no cost to join any Agrace support group, but donations are accepted.
  • Dates and times listed are subject to change; please confirm them when you register.
  • Unless the listing shows a different location, all groups are held at one of Agrace’s four offices.

Agrace’s grief support groups are open to anyone in the local area who has experienced a loss due to death, even if the person who died was not an Agrace patient.


For Adults


For Children


Groups by Location

Unless the listing shows a different location, all Agrace grief support groups are held at one of our four offices:

MADISON, WIS.   5395 E. Cheryl Parkway

JANESVILLE, WIS.   2901 N. Wright Road

BARABOO, WIS.    1670 South Boulevard

ROCKFORD, ILL.    7290 Argus Drive


How do I get started?

Simply call the number below or click the button to send us a brief online form. You can ask which support group would be best for you, or pre-register for a group that interests you.

Agrace’s spiritual & grief services staff will contact you to answer your questions and help you register for a support group that meets your needs.

 (608) 327-7118

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