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Service Area

Agrace is a nonprofit, community-based health care agency. We provide hospice and supportive care services in private homes, and in skilled nursing, assisted living and other community residential facilities across southern Wisconsin. Our offices are located in Madison, Janesville, Baraboo, Dodgeville and Oconomowoc.

Here is our current service area:

Agrace Service Area Map_agrace.org map.png

Agrace is a member of a national network of 70 nonprofit hospice organizations across the country – National Partnership for Hospice Innovations (NPHI). If you know someone in need of advanced illness or hospice care outside of our service area, please call 1-844-GET-NPHI (1-844-438-6744) for a referral to the closest organization in this network.

Learn more about NPHI and the launch of the national provider network and the toll-free hotline, click here. 



Our History, Mission & Vision

Agrace was founded in 1978 by volunteers who believed in the revolutionary idea that comfort, dignity, and even hope, are possible for those facing a life-limiting illness. Then known as “HospiceCare Inc.,” we grew steadily in south central Wisconsin for decades. In 2011, we added “Agrace” to our name to make it more distinctive.

For more than 45 years, Agrace has been an innovator and leader in both caring for patients and their families, and in educating others about death, dying and grief. We are the largest hospice provider in Wisconsin. Below are our mission and vision statements:

Our Mission

Providing personalized care and support, where and when you need it, for life’s changing health needs

Our Vision

Building a future where every person experiences extraordinary care and guidance while aging or seriously ill


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Agrace

To us, diversity, equity and inclusion mean the following:

Diversity –The unique traits that individuals possess. It can be inherent or acquired.

Equity –The outcome of “fair treatment.” Fairness looks different based on an individual’s power and privilege in society. While equality focuses on equal opportunity, equity takes it a step further and addresses the accommodations required to achieve a fair outcome. It considers individual differences.

Inclusion –A state in which an individual feels a sense of belonging, valued for their differences, and empowered to participate and contribute freely.

Learn more about the ways we show our commitment to these values

The Essence of Agrace


We respect and honor everyone’s worth, building communities where people can be their true selves.

  • We accept all patients, clients and their families for who they are, and we personalize their care.
  • In our workplace, we value each person’s uniqueness, treat them fairly, reward their contributions and support them in building their careers.


We are an agile organization full of creative problem solvers.

  • We are persistent, passionate and innovative in finding ways to meet the unique needs of each person we serve.
  • We listen to, measure, analyze and act on information about our patients’ and clients’ experiences with us to consistently offer high-quality care.
  • As a nonprofit, we deliver care in a sustainable way and reinvest profits to serve our communities even better.


We bring authentic care and connection to those we serve.

  • We lift burdens to help people live comfortably, with dignity, as they age, face a serious or life-limiting illness, and grieve for loved ones.
  • When patients and clients welcome Agrace into their lives and their homes, we listen, empathize and advocate for them.
  • We foster a culture of learning, knowing the hands-on training we provide today will shape the future of hospice and palliative care.