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Holiday Remembrance Programs

The holiday season is often a time to reflect, show gratitude and remember those we’ve loved and lost. To help you honor those close to you who have died, we invite you to view a special program presented by Agrace’s spiritual & grief counselors. We hope you find it a meaningful way to remember your loved one(s) and take a moment of reflection as we enter the holiday season.

If you have any questions or would like information about options for grief support, please contact Jody at (608) 327-7118.


Butterfly Memorial – Janesville

In the gardens at Agrace in Janesville is a beautifully crafted set of wrought-iron trellises called the Butterfly Memorial. Once each year, Agrace hosts a dedication ceremony and adds new personalized butterflies to the memorial, in honor or in memory of special people. The memorial is a peaceful place for visitors to reflect and remember.

You can purchase a butterfly to honor a loved one and support Agrace at the same time. Donations help us fund many important services, including grief support programs. Click here for more details about purchasing a butterfly.


Memorial Brick Walk – Madison

Agrace’s Memorial Brick Walk winds around the fountain and pond on the grounds of our Madison campus. It’s a place of peace and reflection for patients, family members and other visitors. Once each year, Agrace hosts a dedication ceremony for the new bricks added to the walk. It’s a quiet, but meaningful, celebration of those who have left an imprint on our lives.

You can purchase a brick and have it engraved to honor a loved one. Your donation helps support important, much-needed services, including grief support groups.

Click here for details about honoring a loved one by dedicating a brick in their name.


Memorial Quilt Gallery

From 1993 to 2014, families served by Agrace were invited to create a personalized quilt square in honor of their loved one who died. The squares were lovingly joined into more than 140 quilts, which you can view in the picture gallery below.