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Are you living with heart disease?

Heart disease can be tough on your body and drain your energy. Your symptoms can make it hard for you to do things you want to do—and your family and other caregivers may not know how to help.

If you are being served by either Agrace Supportive Care or Agrace Hospice Care and have any cardiac disease that affects your quality of life, Agrace can help you better manage and cope with your troubling symptoms. Our specialty Advanced Cardiac Care program offers an extra layer of support for you and your caregivers.


What is Agrace’s Advanced Cardiac Care program?

Heart disease is a chronic illness that cannot be cured, but you can find relief if your medications are well-managed, you try some lifestyle changes and you learn more about your disease. Agrace can help by offering you targeted care for your heart-related symptoms while you are enrolled in our services.

Our Advanced Cardiac Care (ACC) program is a collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI).  Agrace Hospice Care is one of the first hospices in the country to join this effort and is certified in Palliative/Hospice Heart Failure by the AHA. The program is also available to patients of Agrace Supportive Care.


“Agrace's Palliative/Hospice Heart Failure Certification from the American Heart Association helps assure patients and families can have confidence that their end-of-life heart failure care is coordinated and follows the latest evidence-based guidelines.”

— Rabia Malik, M.D., American Heart Association volunteer expert and associate medical director at Anthem


What to Expect from our Program

  • We work with you to better control symptoms such as chest pain, edema/fluid build-up, breathing trouble, irregular heartbeat/palpitations, fatigue and anxiety.
  • An Agrace nurse who specializes in heart disease will review your past and current cardiac care, and then consult with your supportive care nurse practitioner or hospice nurse about ways for you to better manage your symptoms at home.
  • We are certified in Palliative/Hospice Heart Failure by the American Heart Association, so care is based on American Heart Association standards and also tailored to your current goals of care.
  • Agrace’s staff will work with your primary care doctor or specialists to help you take new steps to manage your symptoms.

Learn more about how this program helped Linda, an Agrace Hospice Care patient with heart disease, and her husband here.


Resources for Patients

Click the “+” to learn more. 


Resources for Caregivers

As a person’s health declines with heart disease, they often need assistance from others. If you are their caregiver, you may need more support. Agrace offers caregiving information that may interest you.

Check out our caregiver resources here.

Learn more about heart disease management in our Cardiac Patient and Caregiver Guide. Read it in Spanish here.

Please talk with your loved one’s Supportive Care nurse practitioner or Agrace Hospice Care nurse whenever you have questions about caregiving or self-care. We can offer you additional support from an Agrace social worker, spiritual & grief counselor or volunteer, as needed.


Contact Us

Current Agrace hospice patients or caregivers, call (800) 553-4289 for advice any time of day or night if:

  • pain or other symptoms are getting worse,
  • a change worries you, or
  • you need medication changes or refills before your next scheduled visit from Agrace.

To ask about enrolling in supportive care or hospice care (and receiving advanced cardiac care), click here: Start Care / Refer a Patient.

Our Enrollment Team responds promptly to referral requests. If you have an urgent question about either supportive care or hospice care, please also call Agrace Enrollment at (800) 930-2770.

More Care Tips for Families
For more expert advice from Agrace, visit Agrace.org/CareTips.