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The Agrace Circle of Care

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How Your Circle of Care Supports You

  • Your registered nurse (RN) helps manage your medical care and medicines, teaches you what to expect as your illness goes on and coordinates with your other caregivers.
  • Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide extra nursing support, as needed, under the direction of your registered nurse.
  • Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) help with personal care—bathing, dressing, shaving, skin care and more—because everyone deserves to have their dignity when they are ill.
  • Your social worker listens to find out what support you and your family need. They help you meet your goals and wishes, and connect you with other community resources, including financial assistance, meal delivery, and much more.
  • Your spiritual & grief counselor visits to help ease your worries and spiritual concerns. They will contact your church, faith community or spiritual leader for you, if you wish. They also help by giving your family emotional support that lasts more than a year.
  • Volunteers can come to keep you company, help with light housekeeping, make a snack, read to you or even run errands. They are specially trained to be sensitive to the needs of people with serious illnesses.
  • The pharmacist reviews your medications, and works with your nurse and doctor to make sure you have the most effective medicines to relieve your pain and other symptoms.
  • The Agrace kitchen and menu coordinator can help your nurse or other caregivers with foods that comfort you and allow you to feel your best.
  • Your primary doctor becomes part of your hospice team and coordinates with your Agrace team to care for you.

Once you enroll with Agrace Hospice Care, you and your family/caregivers can call Agrace any time of day or night if you are in pain or need help urgently.

Call to talk to an interpreter / Tenemos intérpretes disponibles: (800) 930-2770