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Living at Agrace


For some people who are on hospice, having specially trained caregivers nearby gives a feeling of safety. That’s especially true for people who do not have a family caregiver with them at home.

One way to get this peace of mind is to pay “room and board” to live at the Agrace campus, in either Madison or Janesville. These are beautiful, restful places where people can choose to live while they are receiving hospice care from Agrace.

At our Madison residence, we also offer 12 Hospice Memory Care Suites—a homelike, secure area where hospice patients can receive support for their memory care needs.

Very few hospices are able to offer these options, but thanks to generous community support, Agrace can!

“From the physicians, nurses and nursing assistants to your volunteers and social workers, your care and support was amazing.”

— Kathie, patient's daughter


Getting Started

You must be enrolled in hospice care with Agrace to live in the Agrace Residence. If you have not already contacted Agrace about hospice care, please call now (800) 930-2770.

If you are already enrolled (or plan to enroll) with Agrace for hospice care:

  1. Read our application packet (download a printable copy here). It includes a cover letter, an application form and Agrace’s Residence and Memory Care Suites Policies.
  2. Print and fill out the application packet, then review it with your Agrace care team (or your enrollment representative if you do not yet have an assigned care team).
  3. Sign your application form and the last page of the policies to acknowledge that you understand and agree to all policies. Give all six pages of the signed packet to our staff, who will return it to Agrace for processing.
  • When a room is available and you are ready to move, Agrace will review your medical records and health status to ensure that we can safely meet your care needs in our Residence.
  • After you are medically approved, Agrace will contact your care team or enrollment representative to arrange a date to move.
  • Upon moving in, you may pay a $4,000 security deposit (this does not apply to short-term stays), as well as the rest of the current month’s residential services fee. Please review the Residence/Memory Care Suites Policies for detailed payment information.

Questions? Ask your Agrace care team, or your enrollment representative.


Have questions? Want a tour?

Thank you for your interest in living at Agrace.

If you have questions or would like to take a personal tour of either our Janesville or Madison residences or Hospice Memory Care Suites in Madison, please call us.

 (800) 930-2770