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What is inpatient care?

Having our own beautiful, homelike inpatient units sets Agrace apart from nearly all other hospices in southern Wisconsin.

Why does that matter? Because people who choose hospice care often don’t want to be hospitalized. But sometimes they need a few days’ care if their pain, breathing difficulties, confusion or other symptoms cannot be managed at home. Agrace gives you a choice.

If your Agrace nurse finds that you need inpatient care—to get more relief from pain and other symptoms—you can come to one of our inpatient units (IPUs) in Madison and Janesville. These two buildings are just for hospice patients and their families, with calming, home-like settings.

  • All of the doctors, nurses and other staff specialize in end-of-life care.
  • Your family and friends can visit at any time and stay overnight in your room, if you want.
  • You usually stay a few days, until you are well enough to go home again.
  • The furnished rooms are large and private, with private bathrooms and patio doors so you can go outside in nice weather.
  • The cost of inpatient care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurance.

In some cases, patients spend their last few days of life at Agrace, in this supportive and peaceful environment.

Other options:

When the Madison and Janesville locations are not convenient to our patients’ families, we also offer inpatient care at several contracted hospitals in our service area.