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Employee Benefits

Agrace's benefit program helps us attract, retain and motivate excellent employees to achieve our mission. Staff who are budgeted for 28 or more hours per week (0.7 FTE) have the opportunity to participate in any or all of the employee benefits described below. If an employee elects to have these benefits, most of them will begin the first of the month following 30 days of employment.

• Health insurance. Agrace offers health plans in all of our service areas. Cost-sharing of health insurance depends on the full-time equivalent (FTE) of the position. Seventy-five percent of the premium is paid by Agrace.

Dental insurance. Half of the premium is paid by Agrace. Coverage is provided through a major carrier with great access to dentists nationwide.

• Vision insurance. The employee funds this benefit that helps cover the cost of routine eye exams, glasses and lenses and contact lenses.

• Life insurance. Agrace pays fully for basic life insurance, equivalent to twice an employee's salary. Employees may purchase additional voluntary group life insurance for themselves and their families at their own expense.

• Short- and long-term disability insurance. Paid for by Agrace, this benefit provides financial protection for a medical illness or injury that affects an employee’s ability to work.

• Retirement plan. All employees, regardless of FTE status, are eligible to defer a percentage of their income on a pre-tax basis to the 403(b) retirement plan immediately upon employment or anytime thereafter. Agrace will match employee contributions, dollar-for-dollar up to 4 percent, after an employee has been with Agrace for one year and has completed 1,000 hours of service.

• Flexible spending accounts. Agrace offers health care and dependent-care reimbursement accounts for tax-free reimbursement of eligible expenses.

• Tuition reimbursement. Regular FTE staff may apply for tuition reimbursement or tuition advancement for courses taken at an accredited university for professions employed by Agrace. There is a six-month waiting period for this benefit.

• Time-off benefits. Agrace offers a single paid-time-off (PTO) plan for all full- and part-time employees. Employees earn paid time off based on their FTE status. All paid time off is earned each pay period and is available to use for vacations, personal time and sick time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a listing of questions that are often asked during our recruitment process.

1. Why wasn’t I considered or called for an interview for the position I applied for?
There could be multiple reasons: Your desired shift and FTE may not match those of our open positions, you may not meet the requirements of the position, or internal applicants may be under consideration to fill the position.

2. I was not selected for an interview; can I apply for other positions?

Yes, if you were not selected for an interview for a particular position, you may apply for other positions.

3. How long will it take to receive a response after I applied?
If you provided a valid email address, you should receive a response as soon as your application is reviewed.

4. How will I be contacted if I am considered?
We will notify you via email that you are being considered. If we are interested in interviewing you, we will contact you directly by telephone or email.

5. How will I be contacted if I am not considered?
You will only be contacted directly by Human Resources if there is an interest to interview you. Otherwise, you should receive a response via email indicating that you have not been considered for the position(s).

6. I did not see any openings for the position(s) I am interested in. Should I apply anyway?
Please apply only for open positions that best meet your interests and qualifications. 

7. What if a position is not posted?
If you do not see a position listed on the website, the position is not currently open.

8. What if I do not have a resume?
If you do not have a resume to upload, you may enter your personal information and past employment history into the comment section of the application.

9. What information do I need before I begin the application?
You will need to know your work history, past employment dates, name of employer(s), telephone numbers, education history, and references including names, phone numbers and relationship.

10. How far back into my work history should I go?
You should provide as much detail about your work history as possible so Agrace is better able to determine your qualifications for the position.

11. What if I do not know the exact dates of my employment?
We expect you to provide the correct month and year of start dates and end dates of employment. If you do not know this information, please contact your prior employers to find this information before you start the application process.

12. How do I update my resume on Agrace's system?
You can access your application and resume by logging in as a registered user with the same username and password you created with you originally applied.

13. If I have already completed an application, do I need to complete another one to apply for another position?
No. Simply log in using your username and password to update your application and apply for additional positions.

14. What happens to my application once I apply?
Once you apply, your application is sent directly to the Human Resources representative who is responsible for the position for which you applied.

15. How accurate does my application need to be?

Answers need to be complete and truthful. Making false statements or leaving out requested information could cause denial of employment or dismissal after you are hired.

16. Why do I have to complete an assessment(s) to apply?
Completing assessments allows Agrace to most accurately match qualified candidates to our open positions.

17. What are recognition opportunities for staff?
Each year we present five awards to our staff at a staff recognition ceremony:

  • The Paul Carbone, M.D., Award of Excellence recognizes a non-physician clinical staff member for excellence in care. This includes our RNs, CNAs, LPNs, social workers and hospice counselors.

  • The Heideman Award of Excellence recognizes a non-clinical employee for the excellent work they do everyday.

  • The Mary Brady Angel Award recognizes a certified nursing assistant who exemplifies the qualities of excellence and devotion to patient care.

  • The Linn Roth and Jean Martinelli Quality and Service Excellence Award honors an employee who is committed to quality and service excellence for our patients and families.

  • The Agrace Hero Award recognizes outstanding service, and all staff are eligible.

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